Meet our dedicated team of professionals who are committed to providing exceptional care and education tailored to your child’s needs and development.

Name Email Title Office Phone 908-686-6150 Cell Phone
Ernestine Frye Executive Director X116
Paula Johnson Early Head Start Director X115 908-456-2477
Edeline Turlias Day Care Director X117
Kynashia Ojentis Early Head Start School Readiness Coordinator X127 908-560-6949
Latoya Robinson Assistant Day Care Director/EHS Disability Specialist X118 908-560-6951
Lakisha Salter Early Head Start Family Worker X130 908-560-6944
Wadiya Patrick Early Head Start Family Worker
Keyana Ruth Early Head Start Nurse X129 908-560-6947
Robert Chase Early Head Start Controller X121
Terrance Henry Facilities Director X111 908-560-6945
William Black UTCAO Assistant Treasurer 908-217-5377
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