Our center employs the "Creative Curriculum" across all our classrooms. This curriculum equips our teachers with the necessary resources to design activities that help children become adequately prepared to thrive in the educational system of their preference after completing preschool. The Creative Curriculum focuses on the following areas for preschool-aged children.

kids playing outdoor


Nurtures empathy and social skills, vital for healthy relationships and self-awareness, fostering resilience and emotional intelligence crucial for navigating life.

kids playing computer

Science andTechnology

Sparks curiosity and problem-solving, laying foundations for understanding the world and adapting to technological advancements, preparing for future challenges.

boy reading book in library

Social Studies

Cultivates cultural empathy and civic responsibility, fostering global awareness and community engagement, empowering children to contribute positively to society.

Happy kid enjoying arts and crafts painting with his hands

The Arts

Sparks creativity and self-expression, nurturing emotional intelligence and appreciation for diverse artistic forms, fostering well-rounded individuals with enriched perspectives.

boy playing with a wooden abacus


Develops numerical fluency and critical thinking, enabling children to solve real-world problems and excel academically in various disciplines and everyday situations.

boy playing with a railroad train toy


Promotes health, coordination, and confidence through active play, instilling lifelong habits of physical activity and well-being for overall health and development.

boy drawing with a chalk on board


Enhances memory, attention, and problem-solving abilities, supporting academic success and cognitive development crucial for lifelong learning and adaptability.

Storytelling, teacher and students talking

English Language Acquisition

Supports language development and communication skills, facilitating integration into English-speaking environments and academic proficiency for future opportunities.

two boys reading a book


Cultivates a passion for reading and writing, building essential literacy skills crucial for academic success and lifelong learning across various disciplines.

children reading a book on the floor


Cultivates multilingualism and effective communication, fostering cultural appreciation and enabling meaningful connections with diverse communities, locally and globally.